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Welcome! The images of my paintings are not reproduction quality (I leaned them against a wall outside my studio to photograph them), so they're not good for copying. Take a look at my artwork and books, find out about them, and contact me if you like. Most artwork is for sale. This space is for announcements about exhibitions, events, and going concerns of mine such as good food and the campaign against genetic engineering. It was fun designing this website, taking photos for the backgrounds, and including animation & a jigsaw puzzle for you. Please come back from time to time & enjoy it.

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My new book The Herons of Stanley Park is available!

The Herons of Stanley Park
tells the story of the colony of Pacific Great Blue Herons that has nested in the Stanley Park heronry in Vancouver since 2001. It’s a picture book with gorgeous photographs by Martin Passchier. The information is at a level kids can read and it’s also great for adults who have admired these great blue herons, and would like to know more and see them closeup. Photographer Martin Passchier has been documenting the herons as they fly, go fishing, eat, display to each other, build their nests, mate, lay eggs, try to avoid their dangerous enemies, and take care of their baby chicks until they too can fly!

$12.99 - at selected stores, the Stanley Park Nature House… check on Amazon

You are invited to the Book Launch and Slide Show for The Herons of Stanley Park on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, from 2-3pm in the Salmonberry Room, Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver –a free family event, a slide show of the making of the new book, and Stanley Park Ecology Society biologist Robyn Worcester will give a heronry update.

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